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ASNET Seminars

International Workshop “Nonviolence as a Strategy, Nonviolence in the Future” 

You are cordially invited to our international workshop on Nonviolence.



Date & Time

Saturday, 17 November, 2018 13:30-17:30
Venue Main Conference Room, 3rd floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo




Moderator: Kei Takahashi (JSPS/ Sophia University)


1:30 Opening Remarks Prof. Hidemitsu Kuroki (The Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, TUFS)


1:40 Rationale of Workshop Emi Goto (The University of Tokyo)


1:50 Part 1: Nonviolence as a Strategy


   Maki Taniguchi (The University of Shiga Prefecture)

   “Gene Sharp, an Advocate for Strategic Nonviolent Action”


   Mohammed Moussa (Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University)

   “Jawdat Said and the End of Nonviolence: Disobedience, the State
   and People Power”


   Junko Toriyama (Ritsumeikan University)

   “Femininity or anti-machoism: revisiting women’s roles in nonviolence”


2:50 Q&A for first session


3:20 Coffee Break


3:40 Part 2: Nonviolence in the Future


   Prof. Kei Nemoto (Sophia University)

   “Aung San Suu Kyi’s Non-violent strategy in the struggle for democracy in Burma


   Prof. Chibli Mallat (University of Utah, Mallat Law Offices)

   “Women, Religion, Law in the Future of Nonviolence:
   Responses and discussion beyond “Philosophy of Nonviolence” (OUP 2015)


4:40 Q&A and Discussion


5:20 Closing Remarks Prof. Eiji Nagasawa(The University of Tokyo)



Grants-in-aid for Research/Basic Research A: Towards the construction of ‘Islam & Gender Studies’: Building foundations for comprehensive discussion on gender justice and Islam (Project Leader, Eiji Nagasawa, the University of Tokyo)
Sophia University and Waseda University, Inter-University Collaborative Research Project: Histories and Current Circumstances of Interreligious Relations in Asia and Africa


The University of Tokyo, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA) , Network for Education and Study on Asia (ASNET), The University of Tokyo
Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists: Intellectuals in the Modern Muslim Societies and Logics and Practices of “Exclusion” (Project Leader, Emi Goto, the University of Tokyo)


No registration required, free admission