ASNET -The University of Tokyo 日本・アジアに関する教育研究ネットワーク--


1999–2000 The concept of a network among academic supporters was founded
2001 Started being active as the Asian Studies Network (ASNET)
Office: Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia
We made a list of researchers on Japan and Asia in each faculty in the University
Mailing list started
2003 Website opened
Individual interviews with all researchers on Japan and Asia in the University started
2005 Publication of List of Researchers on Asia and Japan
Developed into the ASNET Promotion Office in the Division for International Relations
2006 University-wide Graduate School Seminar “Japan-Asian Studies” started
2007 Organized the University of Tokyo International Symposium “Dialogue with Asia on Hope and Happiness”
2009 The cross-department educational program “Japan-Asian Studies” started
2010 Developed into a University of Tokyo organization as the Network for Education and Research on Asia
IASA (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia) & ASNET joint seminar started
2011 Asia-Africa Science Platform Program under the JSPS (during 2011–2013)
2012 IASA & ASNET joint seminar counted 50 times
2014 Publication of Introduction to Asian Studies on Environment (edited by ASNET and published by University of Tokyo Press)
IASA & ASNET joint seminar counted 100 times
2015 IASA & ASNET & GJS (Global Japan Studies) joint seminar started
2016 Organized the International ConferenceThe Relevance of Area Studies for the Sciences and Public Policy
Joint seminar counted 150 times