ASNET -The University of Tokyo 日本・アジアに関する教育研究ネットワーク--

About us

The Network for Education and Research on Asia is an organization of the University of Tokyo that was established by the university with the aim of enabling researchers to collaborate, share information, and explore new possibilities in education and research related to Japan and Asia. It is known as “ASNET” for short.

ASNET is designed to function as a virtual network for linking researchers across their departmental and disciplinary affiliations and for responding flexibly to advances and new needs in research and social circumstances. By providing a forum for researchers to participate in and use to their advantage, ASNET aims to support the studies of individuals and cultivate new collaborations and exchanges in research and education. We hope that a variety of people from Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world will participate in and enjoy this network. 


Interdisciplinary Education on Asia

We conduct a university-wide graduate school education program, “Japan-Asia Studies.” This program can be broadly divided into general courses to learn about Asia from an interdisciplinary approach (about 40 subjects) and language-related courses (about 100 subjects) to learn various Asia languages, both of which serve as a vehicle for students to learn more about Asia from various perspectives. Moreover, we are conducting a thematic series of lectures on Asia for the undergraduate student.
Graduate students who gain more than 12 credits from the “Japan-Asia Studies” program receive a Certificate of Completion from the university.

Academic Exchanges between Researchers from Different Fields

We conduct an academic seminar, cosponsored with various faculties whenever necessary, in addition to the seminar held every Thursday evening during the term under joint sponsorship with the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA) and Global Japan Studies (GJS).

Website & E-newsletter

We provide information on various symposiums and workshops on our website.
We also issue a free e-newsletter every Friday.
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Strengthening Links with Research Institutions and Researchers in Asia

We are attempting to construct an interdisciplinary academic network for research on Asia by holding joint research projects or international symposiums with, and sending scholars and graduate students for short-term visits to, the leading research institutions on Asian Studies.