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2019 University of Tokyo – National Taiwan University Joint Conference: Care and Migration in Japan and Taiwan

  • International Conference
  • 国際会議





Date and time

December 9th, 2019, p.m.2:30-p.m.4:40


The Main Conference Room(大会議室), 3rd floor, the Institute
for Advanced Studies on Asia (IASA,東洋文化研究所), the University of Tokyo

Speaker 1

WANG Lih-Rong 王麗容 (Professor, Department of Social Work, NTU)
“Gendered Care and Care Risk in Taiwan”

Speaker 2

IGUCHI Takashi 井口高志 (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, UT)

“Dementia in Japan: How it Has Been Understood and How this Paradigm is Changing”

Speaker 3

WANG Anne-Chie 王安琪 (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology, NTU)
“Brokering Good Death: End of Life Care Narrative and the Hospice Practices

Speaker 4

Michiyo YONENO-REYES 米野みちよ (Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, UT)
“Issues around Japanese Language Training of Foreign Health Workers in Japan under Economic Partnership Agreements: A Critical Review”

Speaker 5

LAN Pei-Chia 藍佩嘉 (Professor, Department of Sociology, NTU)
“Migration Infrastructure for Recruiting Foreign Care Workers: Comparing Taiwan and Japan”


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