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研究科等横断型『日本・アジア学』教育プログラムについて / On Japan-Asian Studies Program


We welcome you to our University-wide Graduate School Education Program called “JAPAN-ASIA STUDIES”. We have three announcements today.


English PDF file (same as below)



1) Credit approval for the Japan-Asian Studies Program will end in the 2021 academic year. We will continue to accept applications for certification requests, and certificates will be issued even after 2022. Therefore, please apply for certification whenever you are ready for graduation.

2)科目番号は、ASNETウェブサイトの「科目情報」ページ ( )にリンクされた各科目ページをご確認ください。指定された科目番号と異なる科目番号で登録・履修された場合、大学院『日本・アジア学』講座の単位として認定することができません。

2) When registering your course through UTAS, you need to register with particular Course ID Numbers that can be found on each page linked from the Curriculum Information page on the ASNET website ( ). If you register with a wrong Course ID Number, the credit will not be included for the Japan-Asian Studies Program.

3)修了証獲得のためには申請が必要です。申請は課程修了の半年前にUTAS上で行います。時期についてはメーリングリストを通じて皆さんにお知らせします。こちらからご登録ください。( )

3) To acquire a certificate, you need to apply on time. Application will be requested about six months before your graduation. We will inform you of the timing by e-mail if you register to our mailing list through the link in the page below:


Further inquiries can be made to the ASNET Promotion Office. Please contact us not by phone but by e-mail as much as possible while activities are restricted on our campuses.


It is our goal to help you all gain your Japan-Asian Studies certificate on graduation day.

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