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平成30年3月末修了者の『日本・アジア学』修了証の申請について/Application for Certificate of Completion is accepted from October 2 to October 23


Dear students who will graduate from Graduate school, or withdraw after getting required credits in March 2018


The Application for Certificate of Completion of Japan-Asian Studies is accepted from 2nd (Mon.) October to 23rd (Mon.) October.
Among those who will graduate from Graduate school, or withdraw after getting required credits in March 2018, students who have gained a total of 12 or more credits from general theory-related disciplines only or from language-related disciplines (4 credits at most) and general theory-related disciplines are now required to apply for Certificate of Completion at the UTAS site.

修了証の申請手続き期間/Application Period 2017年10月2日(月)から10月23日(月)まで

Monday, October 2 to Monday, October 23, 2017

申請の方法/Application Method UTAS上で登録
マニュアルApply through UTAS (please refer to the following manual for details)
注意/Important  昨年度以前に修了証の申請を行った場合でも、改めて申請の手続きを行わないと修了証は交付されませんので、今年度3月の修了を希望される方は必ず上記期間に申請を行ってください。


 Even if you have applied for a Certification of Completion in the last academic year or earlier, a certificate will not be issued unless you complete the application in the above mentioned period. If you wish to graduate/complete graduate school in this March, please make sure to complete all the necessary applications.

 Please note that even if application is made, if you do not satisfy all the requirements for the program completion, or you fail to graduate/complete graduate school, a Certificate of Completion will not be issued.

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